Society today faces many challenges; Chronic and terminal illness, family conflicts, escalating drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, children with special needs, teen pregnancies, human trafficking, suicide and sexual gender based violence to mention a few.


These challenges affect mental health and reduce personal potential and happiness.  Our passion is to help families, children and young people – vulnerable groups (VGs) to cope and identify ways to address these issues. To bring families together and ensure sustained relationships.

Counselling for those with chronic and terminal illness (both as individuals and groups)

A person diagnosed with a terminal illness is often likely to experience a wide range of emotions, such as grief, regret or sadness among others.

Family members, romantic partners, and friends are also often affected by an individual’s diagnosis.

It is often recommended that those diagnosed with a terminal illness join a support group and/or see a counselor who can help them understand and come to terms with their diagnosis. In counseling or support groups, people may be able to express the complex emotions and feelings that are often likely to accompany a terminal diagnosis.

We offer therapy both in groups, as support group systems and as individuals.

Addiction Intervention

Psychoactive substances contain compounds that alter consciousness and affect mood. All psychoactive drugs act on more than one place in the brain, so we might expect them to produce complex psychological effects. Also, virtually every drug that acts in the brain also has effects on the rest of the body, influencing blood pressure, intestinal activity or other functions.

Marriage and Family Counselling as Individuals and/or Groups

Life is about change and we are all undergoing a change at all times. The author of The Power of Maturity – Louis Binstok explains that we are more of “Human in Becoming” than human beings. An important goal of every human being is to grow up both physiologically, psychologically, spiritually and socially- become mature.

Teen Rescue Program

Kenya is among selected countries in the world that have recorded high numbers of teenage mothers, says a new report. According to the study, ‘Out of wedlock, into school:combating child marriage through education‘, nearly three in every ten girls are bearing a child, disorganising their school lives.

Capacity Building & Life-Skills

These programmes help develop leadership and provide training for active participation. Through these programmes, domestic workers are also made aware of their rights and the facilities that are available for them. Lifeskills enhance adaptive and positive behaviors enabling individuals to effectively deal with challenges of everyday life.

Family Mediation

A Little Context..

Fountain of Wellness is a non-governmental institution with a mandate to carry out programs for children and the youth. The member based organization has been operational since 2007, where it started as The Science and Enhancement Resource Centre (SERC), and received a certificate of registration in January 2011.

Members are drawn from our direct and indirect beneficiaries, institutions, like-minded organizations, and friends of FoW.  FoW has also formed a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education to carry out activities in schools and with school boards and management.

Psychological Health Programs

Campaigns against chemical dependency for youths, families, addicts and recovering addicts

Psychological & socio-economic support for vulnerable minority groups including widows, vulnerable children, widows and widowers

Trauma Loss and grief debriefing for victims

Marriage and Family therapy for children, married and engaged couples, families and young people

Peace building and conflict resolution

Capacity building and counselor supervision for teacher counselors, trainer counselors and corporate staff.

Adjustment awareness and empowerment and advocacy for separated, divorced and single parents. HIV/AIDS sensitization on prevention and advocacy for persons with disability, communities, schools, colleges, universities

Support groups empowerment

Family Mediation

We offer mediation in situations where disputing parties are unable to resolve their concern/s on their own, where the parties possess a genuine desire to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome. We do this through various methodologies that lead to the disputing parties focusing on a mutual problem, discussing possible solutions and agreeing upon a solution.