Group Counselling

Group Counselling

Loss and grief psychotherapy

In of the past programmes, 8 widows attended group therapy on loss and grief. Many presented with anxiety, fear, helplessness, apathy, anger, denial, withdrawal, distress, loss of energy, self pity, self hate, being stuck. Depending on severity of their grief, they undertake between 5 to 10 therapy sessions.

They share their experiences through self disclosure, they are debriefed. Self exploration brings them to a better understanding. They receive feedback until each of them arrives at a stage of moving forward.

Many are helped to come to term with the loss of a spouse. Each of them grief differently but at least by the termination stage there are indication of a certain degree of empowerment, clearer thinking and a way forward. Some of them give positive feedback months after. It is a very fulfilling exercise to find a client move from a stage of helplessness and apathy to a stage of empowerment.

Way Forward
To assist widows to form support groups that can access microfinance that can help them carry out farming, business projects for the purpose of economic empowerment. With income generating projects the widows can support their children better.

Currently, TRI is in the process of setting up group therapy in the areas of:

  • Marital separation and divorce
  • Dealing with infidelity within marriage
  • Dealing with addiction in the family
  • Dealing with the challenge of parenting teenagers
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